Thursday, March 30, 2017

Variety Show

While Sawyer was off getting his chronic ear infections taken care of with surgery for tubes, Xander was busy getting ready for his big performance in the school Variety Show. He was playing guitar and singing "Counting Stars" by One Republic. He rocked all three performances ... two at school for the students (broken up by age group to help overcrowding in the gym) and one in the evening for parents and friends. He is so fearless, and has come so very far. I still remember when he didn't talk at all, when the words faded and we only had signs and sounds. And here he is, eight years later, singing in front of the whole school like he was born to do it. The people who know him best, who have worked with him and seen his progress over the years, were all in tears. Happy tears. Because our boy has come so very, very far. Past teachers were in the audience, driving in to cheer him on as he performed. And he LIVES for the applause. He loves the spotlight and the cheering.

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