Friday, March 31, 2017

Middle School Visit

How is possible? The twins are finishing up fifth grade and moving to middle school next year. It was hard to believe with Connor last year, but it's even harder to believe for Sawyer and Xander this year. We did early start for three years in the back of what will be there middle school next year. The building is a little familiar. But that was also six years ago, because they've been at their elementary school the past six years, and it's going to be hard to say good-bye in a few more weeks. Incoming special education students were invited out today to visit the middle school on a field trip from their own schools ... the good news is the boys seemed happy. There were arts and crafts activities set up, a sensory table in the hallway, pizza for lunch, and even corn hole to play. The school has a pretty amazing peer leadership program that helps the transition for all sixth graders, and a special subset that works with the special education kids as well. We are hopeful the transition is going to go well ...


Special thanks to the boys current teachers, Mrs. K and Mrs. B for sharing the images.

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