Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Days

In our part of the world, we don't usually see that much snow. This year has been quite different. And while it was pretty the first one or two times it fell, we're starting to get just a little bit sick of it. Between two-hour delays and cancellations, the boys haven't had a regular school week since winter break ended. In fact, one of the days we missed (because we were still at the beach) was cancelled because of snow. We came home from the beach to below zero temperatures and snow on the ground. Perhaps that's why we're not really excited about it anymore!

This week it actually warmed up enough that the boys could go outside and play a little in it. Connor was begging to get outside. Xander decided it looked pretty fun. Sawyer had to be forcibly taken outside. Connor and Xander happily played, running around, building snow tunnels, helping Josh shovel the driveway (the appeal was clearly the snow shovel, not the actual shoveling of snow). Sawyer sat down on the ice and snow covered driveway and picked up handfuls of white fluffy snow to eat. That's the only thing he thinks it's good for.

We were out of school today, but only Connor and I ventured outside. We worked on clearing the driveway and the sidewalks back off from the extra inch or so that fell overnight. He played a little, before he soaked his way through his gloves and socks, at which point he went running back inside for dry clothes and toys in his room.

Is it time for Spring yet? We're all ready ...