Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy, Happy Birthday!

It was a week-long birthday celebration. The Martin Luther King holiday meant the boys were off from school on Monday, and snow has kept them out the rest of the week.

Because of their gluten-free-casein-free (GFCF) diet, we can't do a typical cake. Last year we got special cupcakes from a local bakery that offers GFCF cupcakes. The boys took two bites and were ready to toss the rest of the $4 cupcakes away. So this year we opted for the homemade kind. Betty Crocker has a GFCF box mix, and Duncan Hines as a GF icing.

Xander wanted cupcakes all week. He loved getting the big number 8 candle out and lighting it each and every time to make his wish. He also wanted his birthday hat, each and every time, if I would let him get up from the table and go get it. He would actually eat the whole cupcake. Sawyer just licked the icing off the top and discarded the cake.

It's hard to believe my babies are eight years old. I guess I can't call them babies anymore ...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lego Master

Or so he thinks.

Connor has become obsessed with Legos in the last year or so. His big present from Santa this year was a remote controlled Lego train that works with battery power. All three boys have been having fun watching it go around the tracks. And it actually moves pretty fast, considering how little track actually came with the very expensive set.

Though his first preference is still playing xBox, usually the Lego-esque game of Minecraft, he will still spend hours in his room playing with Legos. He makes up cities and acts out scenarios. It's cute to see him make up his own worlds and lose himself for hours in something that doesn't involve a screen.

Most of his sets are from the Lego City or the Creator collections. He has the cargo train set, the Coast Guard cutter and rescue helicopter, and the big fire station, along with several engines and police cars and other smaller creator sets. There are Legos all over his room most of the time. We've even taken to locking his room when he's not in there, to keep little brothers from systematically destroying his creations.

That's probably what he gets for shooting his Nerf dart guns at them all the time, don't you think?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Beach Trip

It was a long, long ... long drive. And we even did things a little differently this year. We took two days to make the drive, stopping about 10 hours into our first day of driving (leaving four hours to go). But we eventually made it to the beach. Sawyer was all smiles from the balcony.

And all three boys were all smiles when we finally made it down to the water. It was a little colder than we like, but not too cold for little boys who love the ocean.

We spent a week watching the waves crash onto the beach in front of our condo. Grandpa grilled out on the barbecue grills while Grandma made the rest of dinner inside. We got to take some walks along the beach, the boys got to get into the ocean a few times, and we made several trips to the heated swimming pool outside.

A nice break from the bitterly cold winter weather that we left behind. Spending time with family. Enjoying home cooked meals. Soaking up some sand and sun and water.

The rest of the photos are here ...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Want Pool, Please

Xander is obsessed with the water. Or more accurately, jumping in and out of the water. Love his expression in these photos. Heated pool, even on cold days, made him a happy boy.

Boogie Boarding

Connor decided to break in the new year trying out a new skill. He borrowed one of the boogie boards from our condo and took to the waves. Don't let him fool you, that water is absolutely freezing. The temperatures have been in the low 70s at best, the high 50s most days. The water turns your skin red just from touching it. But Connor, and his brothers, didn't seem to mind. When you're at the beach, you have to get in the water. It's an unwritten rule apparently.