Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to Baseball

It's that time of year again ... fall baseball. Do you hear the twins screaming and crying? Trust me, they do. A lot. The good news is that they haven't had to come to too many practice or games so far this season. Their helpers have been with them most days after school, and they've gotten to stay home to finish homework or go on fun adventures of their own.

Connor has moved up in to the bigger leagues. Major-Minors. Where kids pitch to kids. It's interesting. Let's just put it that way. The coach is moving all the players around, so Connor is playing his usual positions of catcher, second base and outfield. With more players on the team, all the kids are also rotating sitting on the bench for a few innings each game.

And the batting ... that's really interesting. Because, you know, kids are pitching. Connor had one really good hit on his first at bat, a slide-in triple. It sailed over the outfielders heads and rolled to the fence. That was a pretty good pitcher. The others, not as much. Because there are kids like Connor, who have never, ever pitched before, who are now pitching.

He did, last game. He struck out one and walked three. But only one run scored in the inning because the kids were hitting infield grounders off of him.

So, we are back to baseball. The twins are not thrilled, but they aren't having to endure it too much. It's not quite as fun to watch as Rookie league was, but it's definitely interesting to watch. I have a feeling Spring is going to be even more interesting ...

Weekend with the Big Boy

A few weeks back, the boys had the day off from school on Friday. Apparently our district likes to ease us back into the school year, three days the first week, then four day the next.

With a day off from school, we hit up Grandma and Grandpa to come keep the little guys so we could take Connor on an big boy adventure. We planned a day of things we knew he would like, but that we would have trouble doing with all three boys along. We drove a few hours away to take in an aquarium right on the river, and then we made our way across the river to see a major league baseball game.

The Newport Aquarium was a lot more fun than I expected. It probably helped that the local schools were in session while we were there. It wasn't crowded at all. I got several pictures in the big tunnel walkways with just Connor and Josh in them. I'm guessing that wouldn't happen on a weekend or on a regular day in the summer.

So we spent a few hours exploring there. Connor was in a hurry, as usual, but he really did seem to enjoy most of the exhibits. His favorites, according to him, were the sharks, the rays, the penguins and the otters. He started out with two favorites, but when I mentioned mine, he added them to his favorites as well.

And then we made our way across the big river bridge to Great American Ball Park. We were a little early, so we spent some time in the team store. It as packed, probably because there was air conditioning. Connor ended up with a souvenir backpack (the drawstring cinch sack). It served a dual purpose. We had been looking for one for him for a while, just for taking over to friends' houses or little day trips to places. But buying one at the baseball field meant we could hand his baseball glove and foam finger back over to him to carry, in his backpack of course.

So we watched the Reds and the Brewers play. The home team lost, but it was still a fun night. We had Skyline chili dogs, nachos, snow cones, Pepsi(s) and all kinds of ball park food (and let's face it, that's Mommy's favorite part of going anyway). It was a Friday Fireworks night, so we got to watch fireworks over the Ohio River after the game.

It was a long day, and an even longer night. Poor Daddy had to get up and go to work at the fire station the next morning. That's why I had the fun task of driving home. And Grandma and Grandpa had the even more fun task of driving back to their house in the middle of the night after we got back to our house.

The big boys says it was worth it.

A few other photos are here ...