Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soccer Sundays

Sawyer is less certain about our return to soccer. He participates, and he does pretty well with the basics, but he is not particularly happy to be there or to be participating. As you can see in the photo. He's dribbling the ball, but he's also voicing his frustration about it. My arms are also covered in bruises and scratches from pinches, his way of voicing his frustration.

I expected him to like the outdoor version better. He seemed happy when we were there during the summer for a brief practice session with his coaches. It was less crowded and less formal then, so perhaps that's part of it. There were several new team members added to our group from last Spring. There were a lot of volunteer "buddies" and others on the fields. It was busier. And, even though we'd been here once before, it was a new routine.

Hopefully Sawyer will come around. He's not necessarily a natural athlete like Xander (he has some apraxia and motor planning issues). But he understand the basics and does pretty well with those. Like Xander, he struggles with the listening and following directions part. He was also ready to quit about 15 minutes in, so that made for a long first practice. We'll keep trying ...

There's always Wendy's french fries after we're done. Surely that has to help.

"August Soccer"

Xander has been saying it for weeks. "August soccer?"

And then, just as quickly, "Soccer first, then Wendy's."

It's the little things, apparently. And while I definitely think the french fries are the motivating factor, I also think he was looking forward to soccer again, too.

Xander is a natural athlete, in every sense of the words. Whether kicking a ball, throwing a ball or catching one, he just does it with a simplicity and ease that you would not expect. It's actually kind of amazing to watch him play. He has some trouble with the listening, and the following of rules, but he has no trouble with the fundamentals. Dribble the ball down the field, kick hard, score. That he can definitely do. Stretches, listening activities, group activities. Those come less easily. Usually with screams of protest and a lot of "No (insert activity here)!" after every thing his coach says to the team. I think she's used to it by now.

So we're back to soccer Sundays through October. The fall season is outdoors, which I think both boys will like better. Time will tell ...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Snapshot Sunday

Love that Expression by here we wander
Love that Expression, a photo by here we wander on Flickr.
Well, taken last Sunday at least. Xander wins the prize for my favorite photo from last weekend at the lake. The expression says it all. Loving every minute.

The rest of the photos are here (and Daddy even made a few, because he joined us for the first time all year).