Friday, May 31, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Happy Big Boy by here we wander
Happy Big Boy, a photo by here we wander on Flickr.
Nothing says pure joy quite like our big boy on the front of the boat. He LOVES the lake. Being on the water. Seeing Grandma and Grandpa. Getting to swim and tube and play.

With this face, in this moment, he is very much his mother's son. The lake is more home than anywhere else.

Last weekend was a nice break from the chaos that has been our lives the last few months. Between work and school and therapy and baseball, we've been busy. Very, very busy.

But we took a few days to unplug and unwind. We got to see family and celebrate some overdue birthdays. Cousins played together. Warm days on the water. S'mores by the fire. Bike rides in the neighborhood.

Good times.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little Moments

Moments ... life is a series of moments. I keep thinking I'm going to have time to get back to this blog. And then another work project comes up ... and the moments just keep slipping by. My new goal is to at least offer up a few little moments each week. Starting now.

Not Well, But Still Himself

Today, Xander was sick. Well, actually last night. About midnight. And then again a few hours later. And again. It was a long, rough night. Baths. Multiple sheet changes. Loads, yes plural, of laundry running in the middle of the night. Carpet cleanings. It wasn't pretty. It appears to have been one of those twenty-four hour things. He was a little pitiful this morning, but got better as the day went on. And this photo was just classic Xander. Tired, confused about having to take his brothers to school and not getting to stay, and then coming back home to this. It's May, you see. And even if you have been throwing up all night, not sleeping well, you still have to change your calendar in your room. I actually feel bad for him. He's usually the calendar police at school, helping all of the teachers update their monthly calendars if they have forgotten to do so (or even if they normally don't do that segment with their class until the afternoons). Maybe one or two teachers will have forgotten tomorrow. Xander will help them remember.

Finding His Way

Independence. It comes slowly in our house sometimes. It also comes when you least expect it. Tonight we had spaghetti for dinner. It's one of the few things Sawyer truly loves even though we've switched him over to the gluten-free-casein-free kind. He was so excited. And when he gets excited about food, he tends to rush. Which means he tends to ignore the silverware. So he ends up with spaghetti sauce all over his shirt (his version of a napkin). When I pack for spaghetti in his lunch box, I usually make sure I've dressed him in a red shirt. It's that bad. So tonight was no different. Three plates of spaghetti later, his blue shirt was covered in red sauce. I took it off and sprayed Shout on it. And then I went back to cleaning up dishes from dinner. Apparently Sawyer isn't like most little boys. He doesn't like to run around without a shirt. He wanted a new one, even though we were just a half an hour away from bath and bed time. So he goes into his room, opens his closet and decides to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, all the short sleeve shirts are still on the top shelf (we haven't rotated the closets around yet). He doesn't want a long sleeve shirt, so he improvises. He pulls a pair of shorts off the shelf. And puts an arm through each leg hole. And comes into the kitchen with a big smile on his face signing "help" to me. It was pretty adorable. Love the initiative and the independence. Apparently I will have to work on getting those closets rotated around for him tomorrow.


One of the things I struggle to instill in Connor is that there are always consequences to our actions. We all have our faults, of course. But some things we can control. Connor has trouble keeping up with his things. He routinely leaves his jacket at school. Sometimes in his locker. Sometimes outside on the playground. He also routinely forgets his snack container, which means he only periodically gets a snack at school. You would think that would be enough. Eight year old boys are pretty hungry all the time. But no, it's not. He forgets it at least once a week. Usually twice. He also tends to scatter his things all over the house once he gets here. Homework usually starts at the dining room table. As he whines and stalls for an hour (or more) every night, it usually ends up partly in his room, partly on our desk in the living room and usually at the table and on the kitchen island. It's everywhere. And this week, it cost him. We have three boys in school. Two in first grade, one in second. Both classes uses the "Everyday Math" curriculum. Their homework has the exact same format, just different levels of concepts. All three boys are working on unit nine, just on two different grade levels. Do you see where this is going? Connor mixed his homework up with his brothers. He did one of his math worksheets. And he knew there were two math worksheets, so he picked up another one. That wasn't his. So he ended up doing three worksheets, his two plus one from Xander. And in an odd quirk of fate, Xander's teacher is Connor's teacher from last year. So when I sent it in to Xander's teacher with a note explaining what had happened and asking for another blank worksheet for Xander to finish the next night, she went ahead and graded Connor's work and sent it back to him. Good times.

Smart, Yet Sneaky

There was a note in Sawyer's folder today. Apparently he's been trying to sneak back into his old kindergarten teacher's classroom. I think we all know how his kindergarten year went (see here and here). This is the last place I would expect him to want to go. He was never really a part of the classroom, and he didn't really show that much interest in it when he was supposed to be there. Today they let him go in, just to see what he would do. Apparently he was really, really hungry. Because he went straight for where the snack table is and tried to help himself. Food, it definitely trumps almost everything for my boys. He wasn't interested in the actual classroom or the actual teacher, though I also have no doubt he would have offered a hug if he thought it would get him closer to those snacks. He was just out of snacks in his classroom, so he remembered another place he might find some. Smart, smart little boy. Maybe just a little bit sneaky, but smart just the same.

And there you go ... a few moments from our week. I'm sure there are many more that I have missed. But it's a start. And hopefully we can find a moment or two each week to add a few more ...