Saturday, May 31, 2008

Identical (On the Outside) Twins

Even though they do look very much alike, our boys are showing very distinctly different personality traits. In the last few weeks, I've been making more of an effort to spend some individual time with each of the boys so we aren't always herding them through life like cattle or an efficient little assembly line (you know, everyone sit down at the table to eat, everyone upstairs for nap time, everyone upstairs for bath time and then bedtime, everyone go outside and play). So, anyway, I've been taking the boys on short little walks around our neighborhood one at a time so that they can actually walk (instead of being stuck in the stroller with their brothers where Connor ultimately dominates any attempt at conversation) and we can go at an individual pace (and peace!).

Well, for Xander, he took one look up at Mommy with a mischievous grin and took off running as fast and hard as he could. I imagined Mel Gibson in Braveheart, screaming "Free-dom!" as he took off and didn't really look back, at least not for quite a while. He clearly didn't care if Mommy was following or not, and he was absolutely not going to hold Mommy's hand the whole time either. His little feet and legs just kept moving. I think he actually walked our path two whole times, since he would run about fifteen feet away, check back to make sure Mommy was around somewhere, come running back to me and then start the whole process over again. He was big on testing limits, heading toward the road at every driveway (and there's a lot since houses are only about six feet apart in our subdivision), then looking back with a knowing grin as Mommy told him "No, no! Danger!" He knew, the little devil. And then we were off again, until the next driveway or stopping point. He was red-faced and exhausted by the time we got back to the house (about 30 minutes), but he wouldn't let me carry him at all. Every attempt (because I knew he was tired) was met with kicking and screaming and whole body flailing around. But we made it back, and the little stinker walked up toward the house like a good little boy, gave me another grin, and just as quickly started back down the driveway to go around again (again, didn't care if Mommy came or not)!

Tonight was Sawyer's night. He too enjoyed the special treat of getting to do something by himself for once. But from the minute we left the driveway, he reached his little hand up for mine and held on. He didn't ever move more than five feet from Mommy, and held my hand for the first half of the walk, at least. He didn't venture near the road at all, and in fact, repositioned himself so he was on the inside of Mommy on the sidewalk. He would look at trees and cars and houses, but just kept moving and looking around. And when he got tired, he reached up with both arms to be carried for a while, and held on in his cute little death grip as if to say "Thank you , Mommy!" He eventually started wandering a little farther away and stopping every now and then to look at a big tree or some pretty flowers, but kept moving and smiling. There was no "Free-dom!" moment or running away, just happy to be along for the ride kind of fun.

Wonder which one is going to cause us the most sleepless nights? The mischievous one? The deceptively calm one? Or perhaps it won't be either, big brother may outdo both of them!

Angry Snack Time

Probably one of my favorite moments yet, Xander stabbing his grapes with his fingers. Note the concentration and scowl on his face as he tries to stab a second one, even though he already has one on the other finger. Apparently, the best way to eat red grapes is by sticking your finger through the middle of them and then sticking them in your mouth. But, to keep things in perspective, I guess this is a step up from stuffing all ten or twelve into your mouth at the same time, which is his usual method. Grape anyone? There are probably a few left without finger holes.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Black & Whites (for the House)

For quite some time now, I have been wanting some new art work in our living room. We've had the same movie posters for going on 10 years now (seriously, Josh had some when we started dating and the rest we bought during our first few years together, I think Gladiator is the "newest" release).

So, loving black and white photography and my children (not in that order, obviously), and having nice, evenly spaced frames already on our walls, I decided to make my own art. The kids already dominate every other aspect of our life, so why not home decor? Besides, I liked the concept and had a lot of fun playing around in PhotoShop with some of my favorite black and white photos of the boys. Happy late birthday to me!

So, if you come over any time soon, don't be surprised to see giant children gracing the walls instead of giant movie poster heroes. The boys say they're better than Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt anyway!

Connor's World

Connor, our ever curious and extremely chatty child, has these observations for the week.

"Daddy's at work!" he said excitedly, as he came downstairs one morning. He had, indeed, seen Daddy leave for work about 15 minutes before from his own bedroom window. "Daddy's buildin' a house!" And if the phrase itself is not cute enough, the tone certainly was. It was like, "My dad is so cool, he builds houses!" And it also helps to note that we see one of Daddy's houses every day on our stroller walk - it's on the corner of the street where we turn around to come back. So Mommy hears a lot about Daddy's house.

Also from our morning walk . . .

"Big truck wash the muddy out right there! Sshh-ew, it's messy. Yucky mud!" he exclaims loudly (does he ever say anything quietly?). And yes, once again, he's correct. There's a designated area for the big concrete trucks to wash out after they're finished pouring and before they head back to the plant for more concrete, and it does indeed make a big mess all over the little road (which we have to cross on our stroller walk).

"Slide later?" No matter what time of day it is, whether we've already been out to slide or not, even if it's pouring down rain, I hear this one no less than twenty time EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, baby, we're going to slide later. Don't we always?

"No stroller ride! No Mommy's truck! Connor slide!" This one is a bit new. He usually likes both stroller rides and riding in Mommy's truck. Not so much lately, he'd much rather go out and slide.

"Get the pool out later?" he asks hopefully. Mommy usually answers with an indefinite "Maybe." or something similar that doesn't get his hopes up too high. "Swim tonight!" he says, again with that confidence of a three-year old. He wants to, so surely he'll get to. And, in point of fact, Daddy just got the little inflatable pool down from the garage shelf, so today's a better chance than most!

Summer time is definitely here, and at least one of my boys is loving it.

Photo Flashback

He's always been pitiful when he didn't get his way. (May 23, 2006)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Day, Another Mess (or Three)

Some days I swear all I do is follow behind my children and clean up their messes, and today is definitely one of those days. But on the up side, I've learned a couple of valuable lessons.

First lesson, never leave three toddlers downstairs alone, and if you must, never do so with three full sippy cups of anything but water. Clearly I should have known better, but I just wasn't thinking. We had just finished our long morning walk, and it was warmer than I expected. I was hot and covered in sweat from pushing three chunky little guys in the triple stroller, and I assumed they were probably a little warm too, even though they had just been along for the ride. I got my usual bottle of water (which was gone in about 30 seconds) and decided to give them a rare morning treat of juice. Now, normally drinks are only allowed at the table or outside on the deck, but like I said, it was hot and I didn't really think about it. So then I run upstairs for my five-minute shower so that I can make it through the day feeling like a sane person. Literally five minutes, and I'm sure you can imagine what I found when I came back. Xander had managed to twist the top off of his nearly full sippy cup of juice (pineapple-orange, nice and pulp-filled and extra sticky) and dumped it all over himself and the floor. So there's a HUGE puddle of sticky juice all the way under the pool table and about five feet across to the toy boxes. And there's also the requisite sticky footprints tracking over the entire first floor. Nice.

Here's lesson two. When you decided to clean up the giant mess, don't leave three toddlers roaming free. Mommy's scary voice and face kept them at bay during the actual clean-up, because Connor had to be threatened several times to stay away and they know that tone, but once the floor was mopped (three different times, because it was that sticky), I couldn't keep them from walking on the wet floor. It was such a novelty. Then we had the somewhat humorous children slipping every few steps (but not hurting themselves, so don't worry) action to enjoy.

And the final lesson of the day, by the time you get one mess cleaned up, at least two or three more will have appeared while your back is turned. I wanted one more try at the sticky spot on the floor, so I thought I could quickly mop again while the boys were finishing up their lunch. They had eaten well so far and were being pretty good, all things considered. So, yes, clearly my brain is not working today. By the time I had the sticky mess cleaned up, there were two more under the dining room table. Sawyer had gotten tired of his macaroni and cheese and simply dumped it all over himself and the floor. Nice. And Connor had decided the grapes were too sour to eat, so he had taken bites of three or four, chewed on them, and then spit them out all over the table and smeared them around with his hands. Double nice.

So, who wants to come over and visit us during the day? I'd recommend rubber shoes and perhaps a hazmat outfit, just in case. Good times.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quoted & Noted

"Mommy have great time?" Connor asks thoughtfully, as he's done several times each day since my return from West Virginia for the weekend.

"Yes, Mommy had a great time." I answer with a smile.

"Connor have great time, ride with Pappy," he offers.

"That's good," I say, still smiling, because I know exactly where this conversation is going.

"Babies have great time, ride with Grammy," he continues.

"That's good."

"See Grammy and Pappy tonight?" he asks hopefully.

"Not tonight."

"After while," he insists, with the confidence only a three-year old can have that by simply saying something it will come true. He clearly had a great time, because he's ready to do it all over again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Brother = Torture

What is it about being an older brother that just makes you want to torment people? It's the end of another long day, all the boys are a little cranky and we're trying to clean up the mess from dinner. Sawyer is carrying around his two favorite colored blocks, Xander is wandering around opening kitchen cabinets as far as the child safety locks will let him and then slamming them closed again, and Connor is simply being Connor (which means he's looking for ways to annoy his brothers).

Tonight, that means he's stealing Sawyer's favorite blocks from his hands and then running all around the little maze that is our down stairs, zooming in and out of the kitchen, whizzing by Sawyer in added torment, as if stealing his blocks wasn't bad enough he must remind him every few seconds that he has the coveted blocks. And if Sawyer seems to lose interest in them, Connor will lay them down just long enough for Sawyer to decide he wants them again, only to pick them back up and take off running yet again with a gleeful little grin as Sawyer screams all over again. It wouldn't be nearly so bad, but Connor clearly knows what he's doing and he enjoys it just a little too much.

One of these days, one of those little boys is going to give him better than he gives, and I can't decide if I will laugh or discipline first, because my first born certainly has it coming to him, sooner or later, for all the torment he's joyfully inflicted on his younger brothers.

Can We Say Stubborn?

What is it about toddlers that makes them so stubborn? This is my three-year old, about five minutes after I pulled him out of his room because he was bouncing off the walls (literally) after nearly three hours of "napping" in his room. He was in his room because I KNEW he was tired, because he was whiny and cranky and every few minutes broke down in tears and screams of frustration over the simplest of things (and therefore very much in need of a few hours of sleep). But, clearly, this is a more comfortable place to sleep than in the nice full-size bed, with the clean and soft cotton jersey sheets and the several Lightning McQueen pillows and the nice covers. I mean, really, this is almost a Lazy-Boy time-out chair, and he so clearly fits better here and can stretch out and everything! Please ignore the dripping sarcasm, and welcome to my world.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Nice Break

Three whole days of peace and quiet, which is not something you would think a mother of three could find very often, but I did. I spent the weekend visiting an old college friend and her family, including her new baby girl who arrived last month. It was such a wonderful weekend! Good girl time, a little shopping and a lot of eating out, and a lot of down time - grilling out with the whole family, relaxing by and in the pool, enjoying the peace and quiet of the West Virginia mountains and their beautiful farm.

And my boys, well they didn't really miss me at all. They spent one night with Grammy and Pappy (a late birthday present for me!) and the rest of the weekend with Daddy. If there are slides and ice cream at home, who cares if Mommy is there or not, apparently! And that's okay, because I enjoyed my little break from them, and I'm sure they enjoyed having a different play buddy for the weekend.

But now it's back to the routine - and nap time for them - because I need just a little more peace. I have to work my way back up to three screaming and demanding toddlers. One newborn, who just happens to have a sweet and happy disposition, was so much more peaceful than my three rowdy boys. Maybe she can teach my boys a thing or two in a few months!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

This just sums up his personality - wild and crazy (and lots of fun)!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Black & Whites

Sawyer is walking down the slide with his stylish ripped and torn jeans (Carter's kids clothes rock - they're just now tearing up, after four good seasons of use between three brothers).

King Connor is watching over everyone and making sure they're not having more fun than he is, especially Xander who's swinging with Daddy (check out the evil eye he's giving).

Xander is running down the slide, because actually sliding would just be silly (and check out twin brother's arms faded in the background as he's walking down behind him - monkey see, monkey do).

Friday, May 23, 2008

Connor's World

What's my three-year old been saying this week?

"Carmen's at school, honey!" Clearly, I use endearments more often than I should, because he says it this way every time we go past Carmen's house on our walk, verbatim.

"No whippin's! Tell him, leave 'lone." This one we hear a lot too. Josh has started joking with Connor that he needs "whippin's" when he's misbehaving a little, and Connor always replies the same way. It started out just "No whippin's," but Mommy was feeling sorry for him one day and told him that he should tell Daddy to leave him alone. So now, he's added it the second sentence every time he responds, always looking to Mommy for support.

"What's this?" My curious little boy - he probably says this a hundred times every day, even (and this one really gets on Mommy's nerves at the end of long days) when he KNOWS what this is.

"H. R. T. E. A. W . . . " Connor has been fascinated by letters and numbers lately. I think part of it is one of our new morning PBS shows, now that we're down stairs by 9 a.m. he gets to watch a show called Super Why while Mommy gets breakfast ready. It's about solving problems through reading, and he loves it (the twins, not so much). He even calls letters "super letters" most of the time, and he's actually gotten a few of the letters down, but often teases you like he does with colors and his trains, asking you what they are even when he knows the answer and sometimes telling you the wrong letter to see if you'll correct him.

"Connor gonna slide later!" We hear this one all day, until we finally go outside after nap time. Even after we come in, he tries to convince us to go back. "Slide again tonight," he always asks hopefully.

"Connor's new shoes - those are Connor's!" He's in love with his new shoes, apparently, because he can't stop talking about them. I also imagine they're going to be "new" right up until the day they're passed down to his brothers.

"Not tonight. Maybe later. After while." This is probably the cutest one of all lately. Any time that he asks to do something that we can't do in that moment, his standard response is given in rapid succession and sometimes two or three times in a row, as though he's trying to convince someone (either himself or me) that we really are going to do it later.

Photo Flashback

Puppy Kisses. Buster and Connor checking each other out. (May 15, 2005)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Learning to Share

While it's true that I only have three little boys, I actually have four boys to take care of. Never has it been more obvious than on our many afternoons playing out in the yard. I usually take the boys out after they wake up from (if I'm lucky and they've actually taken) their afternoon nap to play on the swings and the slide. Buster also looks forward to this point in the day - he comes running the minute he hears gate into the side yard open, usually with his rings and / or his tennis ball in tow.

Before the gate is even closed behind us, I am accosted with not only three little boys who think I should do something with them first, but also by my good puppy who thinks it's his turn too. Sawyer pushes on the back of my legs to get me to the swings. Xander holds his arms up and wants me to pick him up and put him on the platform so he can slide. Connor just wants me to pay any kind of attention to him - whether it's watching him slide first or pushing him on the swing. And Buster, poor Buster, he's just dying to play a little game of tug-o-war with his rings.

It's times like these when I realize there just isn't enough of Mommy to go around sometimes. But on the positive side, at least all of my boys are learning (now whether they're liking I won't say, but at least they're learning) that you have to share, even when it comes to Mommy. And I think all of them, secretly, are wishing that they were only children, at least for a little while!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perfect Day

What another perfect day! Sunny, mid-60s, and a nice cool breeze. Perfect for running errands with the sunroof open and the windows down (and seeing three little grins in the rear view mirror as the wind blew through their hair), for long stroller walks and picking up sticks, for open windows and fresh air, for grilling out and eating on the deck when Daddy came home, and for spending the rest of the afternoon in the yard on the swings and the slide - all the things we did today. In the crazy and busy that is our lives at times, these are the days I'm going to look back on and remember with a smile. Not every day at home with three little boys is perfect, but so many of them are if you'll just stop and let them be.

McDonald's Times Two

Today the boys got a rare treat - McDonald's twice! Yes, I know, it's really not a good precedent to set with three big boys (all 90 plus percentile, still), but so it goes. Today is Mommy's day, after all, and she wanted McDonald's for breakfast - her all-time favorite way to start the day is hashbrowns and a large Coke (and the one true thing I miss from working every day).

So, Daddy left early for work as usual, but came back and surprised us with breakfast. The little guys technically did not enjoy this, as they're not much on breakfast food out. Mommy tried sharing a hashbrown with them, but they tossed it across the table, so toaster strudels and fruit it was for them. Connor, however, enjoyed his hashbrown, his entire piece of sausage and his biscuit (separately, of course). He even asked "More sausage?" when he was done. Sorry kid, one sausage biscuit is the limit for a three-year old.

And today is Wednesday, so that typically means a trip to Sam's for milk and other essentials. We've documented before how well that trip goes without the subsequent stop at the golden arches, so Mommy didn't even attempt it. Happy little boys make for good presents, so I thought, why not? Chicken nuggets, french fries, another McDonald's Coke, and an Oreo McFlurry = very happy kids and happy Mommy. Happy 30th to me!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quoted & Noted

"No, no, Xander! Babies don't eat colors! Color with colors!"

With cloudy skies and cooler weather today, we skipped out on our morning walk and tried something a little different. Any guesses? Yes, we tried to have a group coloring session, with "try" being the operative word.

The little guys have had limited experience with crayons, and were not very impressed. Sawyer, as usual, decided to line his up on top of the Shrek coloring page I set out in front of him. He then proceeded to cry when he couldn't get any of his brothers' crayons away from them to add to his line. Xander also showed his OCD side, lining his up for a while, but when that got old he decided to try the flavors out by sticking each one in his mouth for a minute. This is where Connor's wonderful directions came in.

Connor, usually good with crayons himself, was not too in to it this morning either. He didn't like having to share the crayons, which are normally all at his disposal, with his two brothers. And he also didn't like that they had a coloring page out of HIS book. He mostly scowled, first at them and then at me for instigating this little adventure.

Perhaps next time we'll stick to our morning walk - it might have been more peaceful for all of us!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Smiles All Around

Does it look like our family is enjoying the play set, or what? Every day, Connor asks about going to slide. It's been my new trick for getting him to take a nap (some days, anyway). "If you take a good nap, then we'll go out and slide!" As Josh would say, "Mommy is tricksy and false!" Most likely, we'll slide regardless of the nap situation, as it's part of our afternoon routine! What my three-year old doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

Speed Eater

To watch our youngest child eat, you would think that we starve the poor little guy. It's nothing, absolutely nothing, to watch Xander pick up a handful of some snack or other and stuff the entire fist full in his mouth. Single serve package of fruit snacks (about 10), one bite. Handful of yogurt burst Cheerios, one bite. Goldfish snack crackers, one bite. You get the idea. Perhaps being the youngest of three brothers close in age, he feels the need to hoard and quickly inhale any bit of food he's given, but really, we do feed them all, quite often and usually giving them as much as they will eat in a sitting. And that's on top of the seven gallons of milk they drink a week!

And lest you think that Xander only does this with small, snack-type items in between meals, there is also his meal time ritual. He is ALWAYS the first one finished, regardless of how much food each brother has been given. If it's something he truly loves, like pancakes for breakfast, he literally inhales them. With his two brothers, they don't run out before I get the next pancake cooked. But with Xander, he's done before the batter has even hit the pan for the next one. He's impatiently banging his empty plate and fork on the table and jabbering in that baby talk we don't understand yet. I'm sure it's "Give me more, right now, lady!" or something to that effect. Because the second that you set more food in front of him, he inhales it too. His brothers can eat about one regular pancake each for breakfast, but Xander can take down two in the same time it takes them to eat one. Ravenous, would be the best way to describe him, at times.

And believe it or not, he's still the littlest one of all (okay, just 2 pounds, but still!). One of these days, the boy might even give Kobayashi a run for his money.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

Like moths to a light - my three boys all headed for the same mud puddle on our walk this week.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clothes Optional

What is it about little kids and wanting to run around naked? All of mine, at various times love it, most especially after their baths. They will prance around the upstairs hallway and into their bedrooms, laughing and squealing with delight as you chase them with either the towel (if they're still dripping wet) or their pajamas (if you're trying to get them into bed).

Connor, in the middle (or is it really the beginning) of potty training, will run away every time you clean up one of his "accidents," and though he doesn't actually say it, I kind of always imagine the "Freedom!" from Braveheart as he runs away from me, looking back over his shoulder with a mischievous grin.

And now, we add another dimension. Xander, having gotten used to wearing shorts in the warm weather, has been forced back into long pants during the recent rainy (and thus cooler) weather. He doesn't like it one bit. He's long been like his mother, shedding his socks the minute you turn your back, but now he's also been using the same trick to work his way out of his pants. So it's nothing to see a little boy running around the house in his pull-up and a long-sleeve tee shirt with no socks. What the neighbors must think, as if we really care.

What's really funny, is the way he does it. He's doesn't have the dexterity to unbutton his jeans yet, so he takes them off the same way he does his socks. He uses one foot to stand on the tip of the other one, then pulls his foot out. Same principle with the jeans, take one foot and hold it on the loose jeans, then pull a leg out. As I've mentioned before, they're nothing if not clever, at times. Every day is its own adventure.

"My Turn!"

Three brothers, waiting in line, and everyone wants to be first to go down the slide! Sawyer is about to go down (first, for a change), and Connor and Xander are waiting in the wings. Good Summer fun (except that it was cold last night after the rain and they all had sweats on!).

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Walls Come Down

Well, it's finally happened. After months and months of pushing on the office baby gate to try to get in, Sawyer has finally managed to break it. Have I mentioned that he loves to play in the office? That he will stand in front of my desk for hours, sorting markers back and forth, playing with the three-hole punch and the tape dispenser, and dumping paper clips onto the ground just to watch them scatter, then picking them back up and starting all over again. He absolutely LOVES the office. I think I may have mentioned it once or twice.

And, in fairness, the baby gate is a little old and quite well-used. It's actually one of the first two we bought back in the day to keep our then hyper (and adorable) puppy into his designated areas of the house - away from the front window sill he loved to chew on and eventually away from the stairs after his knee surgeries. So, it's about five years old and it's made of mostly hard plastic. It was bound to break sooner or later, since it once helped contain that very hyper and 100 plus pound puppy. And having three rather big and strong toddlers hanging on it and shoving on it for the last few years probably hasn't helped either.

So, we're going to be in the market for yet another baby gate. Lucky number seven, though one has been retired since the kids outsmarted it and two are now broken (both the same plastic models). So really, we'll just have four - two for the stairs going up and two for the open doorways into our downstairs office. Just one more way the child proofing measures seem to be falling apart in our house - the kids are simply getting to smart and too big for their own good!

Connor's World

If you're wondering what I hear most these days, here are Connor's most frequent phrases . . .

"Carry-it goes on top of Mommy's truck. Get dark. Maybe later." This one came out of complete left field, but it's repeated at least twenty times a day. Our best guess is he wants to put the car-top carrier on Mommy's truck and go somewhere fun when it gets dark (like the only two times we've EVER used the carrier, on our Florida trips).

"That's ba-ad!" And I cannot quite do justice to his tone when he says it, but it's definitely what makes it so funny to hear. He loves to say it when someone is doing something they're not supposed to. Brothers having a dirty diaper (he thinks this is bad since we're trying to get him to potty train). Buster barking at the people walking by our house. Brothers playing with the blinds. Brothers playing with the light switches (never mind that he also does this). Mommy throwing toys across the room at the end of a long day. You get the idea.

"Ssh, ssh. It's okay." This is to counter-balance the constant bossing that he does to his brothers, and it's actually very cute to watch. He now shows sympathy when they're upset, and comes up to them and quietly tells them it's okay and pats them on the back, much like Mommy does for all the boys when they're melting down.

"Babies tired. Babies go night-night!" He loves to send them to bed these days, especially for nap time. He thinks it's going to be some fun one-on-one time with Mommy. Some days it is, some days it's not. But he's always ready for them to go. Such a nice big brother, concerned about their well-being and sleep needs.

"Go poo-poo, get suckers!" He says it so excitedly, because he loves suckers, but he's yet to get one for the actual occasion (unless we count Daddy giving him one for a half-way, at best, attempt). Kind of like, "Onnor go pee-pee, Onnor get nandies!" back in the early stages. Yes, I see the pattern and sorry to all those who are shaking their heads. I'm all for bribery if it gets us where we want to go on this one.

"Poo-poo on the potty is bad." For a while, I thought he was confusing this with our saying that going poo-poo in your pants was bad, but given his attitude toward the whole potty training thing, perhaps this is truly what he means to say.

And finally, our recent interest in one of our long-standing PBS shows, Dragon Tales.

"Zach and Weezie? Ord? Cassie? Rique? Max? Emmy?" ("Rique" is how he says Enrique, if you're not up on kiddie cartoons). He names them all off, wondering where they are and when he will see them again. Hint, not until tomorrow at approximately 9:30 a.m. when we are finishing breakfast.

"I wish, I wish, all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a part." This is actually pretty amazing, and the first thing he's seemingly memorized. He broke out with this one day last week, and has been doing it a lot lately. It actually should be"I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart," but still not bad for a three-year old.

Photo Flashback

Xander learning to smile. I couldn't decide which one I liked better - the cute grin, or the characteristic tongue sticking out - so you get both. (May 23, 2006)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black & Whites

Connor being silly.

Monkey Number One (Sawyer) playing in the window.

Monkey Number Two (Xander) playing in the toy box.

Who's in Charge Here?

Long gone are the days when I could safely leave my boys downstairs for a few minutes alone. Despite the child proofing - the outlet covers, the blind cord holders, the baby gates, the door knob covers, the double-keyed deadbolt and even the barrel locks at the top of other exterior doors - they are still a danger to themselves.

They like to climb, whether on the couch where they can bounce (it's like a mini-trampoline apparently) or on top of the dining room table, where they like to dance and play with the light fixture. They also like to push the dining room table chairs over to the light switches and play wit the fans and the lights. And they like to slam the drawers on the kitchen cabinets, despite the child safety locks, and sometimes smash their little fingers. They can even open the refrigerator unassisted, and Connor can actually reach things now! There are just too many irresistible ways to get into trouble, especially if Mommy is not watching.

If these were not reason enough to keep a close eye on them, I now have the added job description of referee. Connor, as the oldest, has decided being in charge is the way to go, especially when Mommy leaves the room (though he's also pretty willing even if Mommy is right there with them). He loves, absolutely LOVES, to tell his little brothers what to do. "No, do it this way!" he will shout, if they're not playing the way he thinks they should. And heaven forbid they should do something they're not supposed to, like climb on said dining room chairs or play with the blinds on our sliding glass doors. For both, Connor will scream "No, no, Babies!" as he runs over to them. If it's the chairs, he will physically pull them down, with little care or concern that what he's doing is more likely to hurt them than anything else. If it's the blinds, he's taken to swatting at their hands, just as Mommy does, but it doesn't go over well with brothers. There's usually loud screaming, sometimes shoving and hitting, and always tears. Good times.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day with Pappy

Today our boys had a special treat - they got to spend the entire afternoon with their Pappy. Mommy went to help Daddy work for a little while, and he offered to come over and watch the boys for us. But watch probably doesn't do justice to what he does. He gets down in the floor and plays, which all of my boys love, Connor most especially.

Days with Pappy are fun because they are on the floor rolling cars across the room or wrestling on the couch or playing outside on the play set or going for stroller rides in the rain. They're not like days with Mommy, where routines are followed and play time is usually limited to the times when Mommy is not trying to keep the house clean and the laundry from taking over the upstairs hallway or trying to get everyone fed at dinner time. Days with Pappy are simply days to be and to enjoy. And if their early silence after bed time, even after long naps, is any indication, they have had a good day of playing and fun.

And, just as a fun aside, we have learned how to make our three-year old son take his nap. You have to lay down with him, and if you are lucky, take a little nap yourself. Pappy discovered this one for us, and we think it sounds like a wonderful idea!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

My mother will be horrified, I know, but today the boys got to play in their favorite field, which just happened to have several very large mud puddles left in our normal path from all the recent rain. Sawyer, like Mommy, walked around for the most part (though he did get into it once on the way back to the stroller). Connor, my good boy for a change, stayed away because he had on his brand new shoes and Mommy threatened him within an inch of his life (bed, if you must know, is USUALLY - see previous post - the best threat you can make him). But Xander, my mischievous one, ran through them more than he avoided them. He would even run back and forth through the same one, over and over again. And once the damage was done - his shoes and socks and legs were already covered in mud - what further harm could it do? He so clearly loved every minute of it. I only felt a little bad for his brothers, who were wanting very much to do the same, but I could not allow it of all of them, especially Connor in his new shoes. Perhaps I'll let them wear their Crocs tomorrow, if it doesn't rain our daily walk out, and we will all do a little playing in the mud. It looked like fun!

And for my mother, who is probably still shaking her head as she reads, simply know that their shoes are all upstairs soaking in warm water and soap, and that they have come perfectly clean. Their socks equally so. And I simply wiped off their legs with a warm wash cloth before bringing them inside, so my house is as clean (relatively speaking) as it was before today's adventure. I'll happily trade a little fun for a little extra cleanup. That little grin is payment enough!

Tales from the Potty

After successfully potty training our puppy within a few months of bringing him home, I never really expected my children to give me that much trouble when it came time to potty train them. I guess Buster was not quite as willful as Connor is turning out to be.

My son - the boy of "Connor no tired!" and "Connor no night-night!" - today chose, willfully chose to go night-night rather than to go potty. I simply do not understand. And I certainly wish less stubbornness for my friends with toddlers of their own.

He did so well, the first few months, and still does well with going pee-pee on the potty as long as you help remind him every few hours. Even today, he tried to convince me that going pee-pee was enough to earn him good marks. "Connor go pee-pee. See Mommy, there he is. Connor good job!" And he expected to be allowed to return to his toys. And he even put his clothes back on himself, albeit with the underwear on backwards and both legs stuffed into one side of his shorts, but he tried (which he never does without prompting) and came waddling out of the bathroom ready to play.

Not a chance. Mommy is getting frustrated with his refusal to go poo-poo on the potty. No bribery (candy, suckers, cookies) and no withholding (no trains, no slide, no cars) has been tempting enough to make him cooperate. The boy is three and half years old, and it's time. And I know he needed to go, because he was hiding in his favorite spot trying when Mommy surprised him and marched him to the bathroom. And he had a choice - go poo-poo or go night-night. He chose night-night, and I still can't believe it.

That loud noise you hear, that's Mommy banging her head against the wall just a little bit today.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Another OCD Moment

Though he doesn't speak yet and we can't be sure, it does seem as though Sawyer understands his colors. This was his creation earlier this week, and beware his wrath if you mess with it, because he screams loud and long if brothers try to steal one of "his" blocks. For someone so quiet and laid back most of the time, messing with his ordered little world can cause serious issues!


In the last few weeks, Connor has become fixated on the car top carrier that hangs from the ceiling in our garage. With three boys in car seats (and all the gear they require), our Tahoe doesn't leave much room for packing when we attempt more than an overnight trip, so we bought a really big Thule carrier a few Christmases back to use on our trip to Florida. Most of the time, it just hangs in the garage, but lately it's been a huge topic of conversation for Connor.

We're not sure what's brought about his fascination with it, but fascinated he clearly is. Not a day goes by that he doesn't look up and see it. Some days he asks "What's that?" in the way little ones do, even if they already know the answer. Most days, it's "Look Mommy, see the carrier. See it? On top of Mommy's truck!" Of course, I answer, "Yes, baby, I see it. Yes, that's right, it goes on top of Mommy's truck, but not now." We even have the conversation in the house and the truck sometimes, with no visual prompting.

After five hundred similar conversations, you would think it would lose his interest. Not so. We're not sure what's going on with it. Perhaps he just started looking up and noticing it now that we're taking frequent stroller rides again. Or perhaps he's trying to tell us he's ready for another trip to the beach. Lately he's been adding, "Go when it gets dark!" to this little conversation, which might mean nothing, or could mean that he remembers we leave when it gets dark so that the boys will sleep overnight as we drive. Wouldn't you love to truly understand what's going on in their minds? I know I would. Maybe someday he'll tell us all about it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quoted & Noted

In our house, there's usually at least one little boy getting into mischief every five minutes. And more often than not, it's the oldest one. Negative attention is still attention, he thinks. So lately, Josh has taken to teasing Connor when he's being bad or doing something that he's not supposed to by telling him "Connor needs more whippin's!"

Always, without fail, Connor responds quickly and emphatically, "NO WHIPPIN'S!" He sometimes even adds, "Connor good boy." Right.

Snapshot Sunday

For Mothers Day, my clutcher and the biggest Mommy's boy of the three, Sawyer. He loves to swing, but only if you swing with him. He doesn't ask, merely pushes on your legs until he gets you in front of and then onto the swing. And then up come his arms . . . one more time, he seems to say.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Play, Play!"

Our big baby, playing with his favorite toy. Buster always reminds us of the dog in Over the Hedge that simply says "Play, Play!" In the movie, he's chained up in the back yard and gets excited when he sees the other animals, thinking he's finally got some play friends. Buster, at times, seems lonely for a play friend too.

Buster loves these rings, has loved them since the day we brought them home when he was still a puppy. They are his absolute favorite, and I think he could play tug-o-war all day if someone would be willing. But I must warn you, having an excited 165 lb. dog bounce around trying to get them can be dangerous - I still have a rather nasty bruise on the side of my foot where he stepped on me during a game a week ago. So do so at your own risk, preferably in something other than flip flops.

In this photo, he's forced to play rings with himself, because Daddy and everyone else is tired of playing. Connor doesn't think it's much fun, because Buster is too strong for him and he's also a little scary at times. Xander loves to play with the rings, but not when Buster is around. Buster has mistaken him for a play buddy once or twice, and knocked him over trying to "play" - Xander did not think much of that at all! And Sawyer just likes to chew on them, which we don't think is very good considering who else likes to chew on them! So sometimes, he simply has to play by himself. It's actually cute, watching him sling them around and chase after them. Or like here, when he's tired himself, he just lays over on his back and slings them back and forth. Good Spring time fun!

Another Play Date

Connor's other play buddy came over to visit yesterday afternoon too - Louie and Uncle Luke stopped by for a visit! And though he looks quite sweet and innocent in this picture, Connor was not happy with Louie for part of the day. During a spirited game of tug-o-war with one of Buster's old puppy balls, Louie made a rather athletic leap (for such a small, short-legged dog) to get it when Uncle Luke tossed it across the room. Unfortunately for Connor, he happened to be in the direct path. Louie basically tackled Connor head on and continued on his way as though he hadn't just leveled the poor little guy. Connor was stunned (though not really hurt) and offended as much as anything. He got up, and before the crocodile tears began, he had the presence of mind to shout "No Louie, that's bad! Bad Louie!" Then he proceeded to be hurt and injured and in need of being held and consoled. But it only lasted a moment, and then he was ready to play with his buddy again. How quickly we're willing to forget being injured, when another opportunity to play comes along, at least when we're three!

Clever Little Boy

My oldest son is actually very clever, when he wants to be. He is adept at getting things he wants in the most indirect of ways. Today, on our morning stroller ride (just before lunch), he was angling to get his brothers into bed so that he could have a little one on one time with Mommy. "Babies tired. Babies no lunch, babies go night-night," he told me solemnly. After a minutes pause, he then added, "Connor no tired, Connor, Mommy watch Bees." You see, usually I'm telling him that we're ending the stroller walk because it's time for lunch (really, Mommy is just exhausted after pushing more than 100 lbs. over two miles every morning) and then usually it's time for everyone to go night-night. But on good days, when Connor seems well rested (sometimes an illusion, I know), I will let him stay up and usually he gets to watch a movie that the little guys don't care for - right now Bee Movie is Connor's favorite.

And last night, while Grammy and Pappy were here to baby-sit for the evening, he pulled a fast one on Grammy. After bath time, he managed to get her into his bedroom and get himself on the outside, where he proceeded to lock the door behind him (from the outside) and head downstairs. Little sneak. But, after missing his best play buddy for a while, he came back up and let her out with a "What you doing?" kind of look - like why didn't you come too, though his sly little grin said he knew why. Sneaky, sneaky. Bet Grammy doesn't fall for that one again.

He may act like a three-year old most of the time, but sometimes I get the feeling that he knows a whole lot more than he shows. Clever (and sneaky, depending on your perspective).

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little Man, Big Hugs

Though all of my boys like to give hugs at random moments, Xander's are the cutest ones of late. During our night time ritual before bed, after getting the little guys into pajamas and placed on their shared bed, Mommy has taken to laying down with them for a few minutes to get them settled. We sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" (okay, I sing, since they don't really speak yet), and then Mommy gives them each a kiss good night and tells them she loves them. Sawyer usually just grins up at Mommy, still sucking on his thumb and laying in his favorite spot at the top of the bed on top of the pillows. Xander is more a middle of the bed kind of guy, and he too is usually sucking on his thumb. But lately, he's started reaching up and grabbing onto Mommy in a big bear hug, trying to pull me back down on the bed beside him. This from the little guy who used to want just the quickest of hugs or kisses before he rushed off to something else. Now he's my little snuggler, especially at bed time. What a nice way to end a long day!

Rough & Tumble

Another "Oh, man!" moment occurred this morning (and yes, he really did say it then too). Connor was busy playing and harassing his brothers by chasing them around the house with a dump truck (he likes to crash into them when no one is looking), when all of the sudden he stopped with a surprised "Oh, man! Ouchie. Connor hurt."

Somehow or another, he'd managed to take a rather large chunk of skin (or two) off the top of his foot. It was nothing very serious, but it was just deep enough to produce quite a bit of blood, which he was of course smearing all over his leg. So it looked bad, for a minute.

After wiping it off with a cold wash cloth, I got out the kid-friendly Sesame Street band-aids to apply. Keep in mind, that none of my children have ever left one on for more than a minute, tops. Connor was no different today. I managed to get him cleaned, calmed down and covered with a band-aid and then placed him on the couch to watch Teletubbies, where I told him he needed to stay still so it wouldn't hurt. Yeah, that lasted about two minutes and then he was bouncing on the couch with the bloody band-aid discarded in the floor (where Alexander was trying to play with it). Nice.

And then it finally occurred to me. I had purchased some of the Liquid Band-Aid, after our last incident of not keeping the band-aid on. It was clearly designed by someone who understands toddlers. You simply put a little liquid on the applicator, smear it on, keep the kid still for 60 seconds (or less, if you blow on it to make it dry faster) and you're done. Speaking as the mother of three rough and tumble little boys - this is one of the best inventions, ever!

"Oh, Man!"

In the last few days, Connor has picked up a new phrase. I think it may be from his Aunt Kelly, who spent a fun afternoon at the park with him on Sunday, but I'm not sure.

  • Dropping one of his Hot Wheels cars (of the fify or so he's hoarding from his brothers in a big dump truck), he exclaims, "Oh, man!"

  • Eating spaghetti for lunch and having it fall off the fork before it gets into his mouth. "Oh, man!"

  • Coloring with chalk outside on the driveway, he drops one and it rolls down into the mulch. "Oh, man!"

  • Eating dry cereal on the couch, and one falls in between the cushions. "Oh, man!"

  • Playing with his foam letters in the bath and dropping the one he meant to stick on the side of the tub back into the water. "Oh, man!"

  • Having trouble stepping into his shorts in the morning. "Oh, man!"
It's actually quite hilarious, to hear his tone of voice and to see his facial expression when he's saying it. And he clearly grasps the concept, because it's always when he's done something that he didn't mean to do!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

My three-year old is full of contradictions. At 1 p.m., just after lunch when the little guys are getting ready to go down for their afternoon nap (quite willingly, I must add), he's adamant on "Connor no tired. Connor playin' cars. Connor no night-night." If you listen, which Mommy is sometimes conned into doing by his alertness or his seemingly non-tired energy, you will be sorry.

Case in point, tonight about 6 p.m. Unusually cranky little man. We begin throwing a Frisbee in the back yard while dinner is cooking on the grill. He hurls it directly at his brother's head, not once but FOUR different times, after being told each time not to do so. In fairness, it's probably his lack of skill rather than his aim, but it's simply not working and Mommy has to take it away. Absolute meltdown ensues. Once it passes, general nastiness begins and he cannot leave his brothers alone, whether running into them purposely or pushing them out of the way on the slide or even hurling one of the balls still out in the yard in their general direction. Fun times.

We manage to get through dinner - eating outside is still a novelty and he managed to get through it without too much distress. Then we head back inside, and the fighting and whining begins all over again. At 7 p.m., Mommy insists on a bath. He goes willingly, without a single protest. He plays in the bath and is generally pretty good (the boy does love his water). He puts on his pajamas, makes a feeble request to go back downstairs and watch "Boog," the main character from Open Season which is occupying the little guys while we're getting him ready for bed. A simple no, and the boy quietly lays down, pulls up the covers and says, "Connor tired. Night-night, Mommy." And he proceeds to fall asleep within minutes, as Mommy sits and watches in awe (and perhaps exhaustion).

If only nap times could go as smoothly . . . but then again, I guess bed time wouldn't go well if nap time did. That would be asking too much from my three-year old.

Big Boy All By My Self

For the last few months, Connor has proven pretty reliable when left on his own for short periods of time. He can be brought downstairs first in the mornings, and when given his milk and dry cereal (no more spitting, thank goodness), will behave until Mommy gets brothers up and ready for their day. He can be left downstairs while Mommy gets brothers ready for their nap, and even while Mommy does a few things around the house. It's a freedom I haven't known in several years - to be able to do something useful around the house without a baby sitter actually coming over to watch the kids!

Of course, today I used my new-found freedom to mow the yard, so that's not exactly fun but it was something that needed to be done. And Connor does well, for a few hours alone, as long as you check on him periodically. Today he watched Bee Movie while I was outside, and very rarely moved from his favorite corner of the couch. He occasionally came to the window to wave at me and tell me "Mommy using the mower!" (as if I didn't know). But for the most part, he did his own thing and didn't disassemble the house or wake up his napping brothers. Nice.

And after getting something done, then we still have a few hours to play before brothers get up. Today we played on "Connor's slide!" (yes, he's really pronouncing his name correctly at this point, at least most of the time), then we used the "colors" on the sidewalk out front, and we even played cars for a while. Another day at home with three little boys, with just a little work and a whole lot of play!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Day, Another Slide

For a long time, Josh and I debated about actually getting the boys a play set for the back yard. They're not cheap, for those of you who've never looked into them. This set, which we were fortunate enough to have given to us, costs about $900 new (and they go up to the thousands of dollars, as in more than five, if you really care to know).

Our big struggle was whether the boys would actually play on it enough to make it worth the purchase. Would they always be excited about the slide in the back yard, the way that they were about the one at the park? Or would the newness wear off and would it sit unused as so many play sets in our neighbor's yards seem to do?

Well, so far anyway, ours is definitely getting it's use. Connor is ready to slide from the moment he comes downstairs and sees it sitting out in the yard. He asks all day long, until we go out. And he usually asks about it again, even if he's already been outside for hours that same day. The little guys can take it or leave it, but they're usually good for at least an hour or so a day without too much complaint.

Another day, another slide, and all is right with Connor's world, at least for now.

What a Small World

Every where we go, the boys are often a source of fascination for many people. At first, they're often confused for triplets, either because of the triple stroller I use to contain them or because of the way they appear to be the same size in the shopping cart at the store. On top of that, today was a rare day when I had the twins dressed alike, so they stood out even more. And while waiting in line at Sam's, another shopper wondered aloud if they were identical, which of course began a conversation as we waited in line. She had twin grandsons, just a bit younger than my boys. Funny how seeing a set of twins will make you think about the others you know. And the more she talked, the more familiar the story sounded. Her grandsons had an older sibling too, about the same age difference as Connor is to his brothers. Her grandchildren were ones I'd seen in pictures often, because I used to work with their father at my last job. What a small world it is sometimes! Of course, there is definitely something about that place when it comes to twins and multiples - there's one older set, three sets born in the last three years (one of those mine), and there's even a set of triplets on the way!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Great Day

Another end to another great day! We spent the morning inside, cleaning (it is Monday, you know), but this afternoon we moved outside. We took another long stroller ride (complete with sticks to play with, or in Connor's case, to pretend were airplanes), then we grilled and ate dinner out on the deck (enjoying the kid's picnic table Grammy and Pappy got the boys last Spring), and playing on the swings and the new (safer) slide that Daddy brought home today. All in a day's play!

No Wonder

There are times when we wonder about our two-year old twins who don't talk very much, but with one late talker in the family already (Connor was nearly three before he became really vocal) we're simply taking it in stride. Twins, we are often told, are late to the talking game.

But after today's stroller ride, I think I may have discovered the real reason. Their older brother never gives them a chance. Because, late though he was, once he hit three, he NEVER stopped talking! Today's example:

"Look, it's a car. It's a truck. Another car. Another truck. Van. BIG truck. It's a stick. Another stick. Bird. Two birds. Another bird - three birds! What's that? Airplane. Big airplane. It's smokin'. Another airplane - way up there! Copter! Over there, over there, it's a copter! Car! Another car! I get down now? Go play? I help Mommy push? No shoes, okay. I push later. House! It's Carmen's house! Carmen's cars. Look, Mommy, there's Carmen's cars, and our house, there's our house. Connor's house. Mommy's house. Babies house. I get down now . . . "

And you get the idea. Did you see an opening for Sawyer or Alexander? I didn't. There usually wasn't even an opening for Mommy to answer a question before he was on to the next thing. The wonderful world of a three-year old!

Clearly Loved and Clearly Missed

Though this will be the first week that cousins Katie and Josh will not watch the boys once a week, as school is out for the summer and they're preparing for summer internships back home, Connor is already feeling the loss.

You see, every day at some point during our day, usually when he's bored with his toys or Mommy and brothers are not making good play buddies, he looks around and asks hopefully, "Kay-dee an' Josh?" If that's negatived, then he tries his other cousin (who has also tagged along on occasion) "Jof-sef?" Another negative and he thinks for a minute, before insisting "They be back later!" The eternal optimist, my son, since his version of later is only inclusive of events that will happen that day.

Poor little guy, he's going to be very disappointed later this week when they really don't show up "later" as he expects. And poor Mommy, she's going to have to hear about it quite often and quite loudly, I'm sure, if today is any indication. I've already been asked about ten times today, and we just saw them on Saturday!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

Aren't we cute in our matching shirts? Grammy just brought us back our annual Kiawah Island t-shirts.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Better than "Donal's"

Finally, there's something that my oldest son loves more than "Donal's," which I never thought possible. He of the "Donal's!" every single time we pass the golden arches. The boy can spot them from miles away even, and knows where one will be even on the roads we seldom use here in town.

The other morning after taking one of our long stroller rides, we were headed back to our house for lunch. As Connor is the only one really talking to me at this point, I was asking him what we were having for lunch.

We ran through the usual kid-friendly options - pizza, peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, chips . . .

I got a resounding no to each one. "No pizza! No butter jelly! No hot dog! No sketti! No roni-n-cheese! No pups!"

Seeing a pattern, Mommy thought she would see how far he was willing to go, since most of the above are on his favorite food items list at one time or another.

"Candies for lunch?" I asked.

"No candies!"

"Milk shake? French fries? Hamburger? How about McDonald's?"

"No shake! No fries! No burger! No Donal's!"

"Okay, I give up. What does Connor want for lunch?"

"Onnor no want lunch. Onnor's slide!"

Ah, there we go. My son is clearly still fascinated by the play set in our back yard. It's better than all of his favorite treats at meal time. Who needs to eat when you can slide?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Black & Whites

Some of my favorites of this week . . .

Xander saying "Put that camera down and pick me up!"

Connor playing with cars.

Sawyer lining up cars on the pool table on his tip toes.

Brothers wanting to play with the same cars.

The real group shot of our adventures this week - Sawyer peeking back to make sure Mommy was coming too, while brothers are far, far ahead and not worried about Mommy at all!

Sawyer playing with grass.

Our little neighborhood ponds.

Funny Words

Of all the words that my three-year old could pick to repeat at random moments throughout his day, this one is perhaps the funniest.

"Bird poot!" Of late, I hear it about ten or fifteen times every day, always when it seems least logical and least expected.

Where, exactly, did my son come up with this phrase? Two weeks ago, when we went to visit Grandma and Pa at the lake, my truck got a little dirty sitting out in their driveway. Apparently they have some birds at their house who like to look at themselves, because my dad tells me his trucks get dirty too, right underneath the side view mirrors. So while playing in their driveway those few days, Connor could not help but point out that "Mommy's truck dirty! Yucky bird poot!" Said "poot" has long since been washed off, but apparently the image remains with my three-year old.

Wouldn't you love to know how their little minds work? Is he imagining going back the lake, where he had a good time? Is he wanting to go for a ride in Mommy's truck and remembering it's dirty? Is he just fascinated since we're in the middle of (and not very successfully at the moment) trying to potty train? Or is it just fun to say, because Mommy is always exasperated when he says it in public? Only he knows. Good times, here in the world of little people.

Photo Flashback

Running around with Daddy. We were visiting a potential customer's house site a few exits down the Interstate (don't ask me how I remember this, I just do). Connor and I were waiting in the truck. And I loved this little green outfit that Aunt Kelly bought for him! (April 22, 2005).

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Again

Just in case you were wondering how Mr. Unhappy (last night) was doing today, all is definitely well again. Here he is running down the little path where we like to play with a big grin on his face. Isn't childhood great? All the sadness of yesterday easily forgotten in the moments of today!

Not Happy

Poor Sawyer, he was not happy yesterday afternoon. Our little guys tend to be quite cranky when waking up from their relatively long afternoon naps (usually three or more hours unless you wake them up, and then cranky has a whole new definition!). To add insult to injury, Sawyer was the last to wake up yesterday and did so just as Mommy and Daddy were leaving to go out (our good cousins Katie and Josh returned one last time to play with the little guys while we escaped for a few hours). This is Sawyer's immediate reaction, on being left outside (where brothers were already playing with Katie and Josh) and Mommy waving bye-bye. Poor little man, he is clearly abused!