Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Birthday Party

One of the families we have met through the years at various events (elementary school, Boy Scouts, TOPSoccer) invited the boys out for their son W's 13th birthday party on their farm out in the county. Our city boys had the time of their life ...

Connor fishing ...

Sawyer throwing rocks (that's good for fishing, right?)

Xander throwing big rocks ...

Another friend K throwing the stick for one of the family dogs ...

K's little sister A and her friend wading in the edge of the water ...

Connor and Xander fishing in a different spot ...

Xander's big fish ...

And birthday boy W's campfire cake ...

Saturday with Friends

Another beautiful day in our part of the world. Daddy was working, and Sawyer and Aunt Kelly were out on their own adventure. That left me, Xander, Connor and his friend H, who spent the night with us. The boys entertained themselves with some outdoor play (basketball and chalk) and some indoor fun (nerf wars and computer screens), and finally I decided it was too pretty to be home. We headed out to the recently renovated Jacobson Park playground (like half of the city, apparently). We stopped at Chick-fil-a on the way, so everyone could get some lunch for a picnic in the park.

We got to watch this glider flying overhead for most of the afternoon.

After lunch, the boys played ...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Day at the Orchard

As warmer weather arrives, some of the boys' favorite outdoor activities start to open back up. One of those is the orchard!

Today Sawyer and Aunt Kelly went to visit one of their favorites ...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flag Football Sundays

I really need to remember to take the good camera to a few things these days. The iPhone camera is usually pretty good, but we sit pretty far away during flag football Sundays. Connor's carrying the ball on offense, though it's hard to tell. He's usually a defense player, but gets a few offensive series, too. The team played well, but came up short. Connor had a great defensive game, two pulled flags and three pass interceptions. He picked up a few yards on this offensive play, but normally he snaps the ball on offense. Just another Sunday of sports ...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Night Out

There was a time when he didn't talk. When those first words he'd started to speak, just faded away until they were gone. They came back, eventually, but functional communication has (and likely always will be) somewhat of a challenge. He's come so very, very far ...

On a random Thursday night, I took two of the boys out to dinner. Dad was at work. Sawyer was out with Aunt Kelly. It was just me and Connor and Xander. And Xander had a plan.

"We wait for Connor," he told me.

Okay, I agreed. We will wait for Connor.

"We wait for Connor, then Buffalo Wild Wings. Chicken fingers, french fries, ketchup and a Coke."

And that was his plan. We would wait for Connor to come home from middle school (he rides the bus in the afternoons). And then we would go to dinner. At a very specific place. To have a very specific thing.

And I love it.

I love the words. I love the plan. I love the understanding that goes into all of those words and the plan. I love the functional communication that lets him tell us exactly what he's thinking and what he wants.

We don't always get that.

So we embrace the days we do. And when it's practical, we indulge him with what he wants. Not every night, but maybe once every week or two. We let him take the lead, and plan what we're going to do on our nights together.

Because there was a time when he didn't talk, when the words faded and went away.

And we are so incredibly glad that he's found his words, and his own way to communicate the things he likes and the things he wants. We'll keep working on answering questions, identifying emotions, appropriate conversations, and all those other speech goals.

But sometimes, we're just going to take him at his words. We waited for Connor. And then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Where he did, indeed, get his chicken fingers, french fries, ketchup, and his Coke (actually Pepsi).

Chalk Art

Sometimes it's even prettier after it rains. I love Sawyer's chalk art. It's always in the same place, and usually a similar type pattern, but the colors are always a surprise. Our own Jackson Pollock ... wonder if he would switch to giant canvas and paint. We could be rich!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Summer is Here

Okay, we do still have a few weeks of school left. But Sawyer was one very happy boy to see that the paddle boats were back in business at the local city park. He paddled and clapped the whole time they were out on the water. Someone is ready for warmer weather and water fun!

We're not thinking about what the ear tubes mean for swimming. Not yet, anyway. Perhaps he will be one of those kiddos that gets ear tubes every fall, and they simply fall out every summer in the water. Time will tell!

And he says Aunt Kelly is the best, because she always has great ideas for their community living support (CLS) outings!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Carnival Fun

Happiness is movement ... pretty much any kind of movement, but especially fast and jerky movement, like this carnival ride behind the mall. Sawyer is in heaven ... and Aunt Kelly is the best, he says.