Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to Soccer

Fall soccer has begun. Xander enjoys the fall season more than spring. It's a little longer, and more importantly, it's held outside. The indoor environment can be difficult at times, with the noise levels and the heat levels. Outside, even in the heat, he does really well.

The first half of practice is drills, which is more difficult for him. He doesn't always like to pay attention or wait his turn, but with the help of a buddy, he manages. But the second half of practice, the scrimmage, is where he excels.

Here he is blocking a player from taking his ball away ...

And here he is running down to score his first of four goals on the day ...

Our athlete. He's so competitive and loves scoring goals. He gets incredibly frustrated when he misses or when the ball is taken away. But when he gets a breakaway from the group and runs down the field to score, he's the happiest little boy in the world.

Photo credits to Connor. He wasn't happy to be at his brother's soccer game (never mind the HUNDREDS of baseball games his brothers have attended for him), but he was happy after I handed over my Nikon.